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Center for Internet Law – Portland

The Center for Internet Law-Portland is a resource for clients, attorneys, other internet and IP professionals, legal scholars, and the public maintained and provided by the Law Office of William Goldstein.

The cases discussed here are not necessarily representative of predominant recent directions in the law. These are, however, opinions I believe worthy of your time and attention. Some express views that dissent from and dispute what have come to be the prevailing ones, upholding competing alternative currents within specific areas of law. Others reflect trends that are increasingly becoming more widely affirmed. Included are decisions that examine existing case law from a different and more critical perspective, reminding us that law is fluid and changing and will, in future, continue to evolve.

Internet law decisions, doctrines, and statutes have striven to keep pace with, and yet often lagged behind, underlying technological developments. Internet law is still an emerging field and thus especially rich in presenting important questions of how relevant law has been shifting, where it is heading now, and the most desirable directions for the future. Just as the internet itself has become deeply interwoven into the fabric of our lives, beneath its surface internet law is increasingly assuming a correspondingly pivotal role.

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